Friday, December 31, 2010

Pyr Pups

A few days ago I received an email asking if we could foster a few Great Pyrenees pups for a few days as they made the way from Nashville, Tn to Indianapolis, In.  After giving it some thought we decided that since we were home for the holiday weekend and love dogs and puppies we would offer our home to these pups.  Knowing that Jason couldn't be much help due to his current cast and crutches situation, I decided that I could handle it on my own.  And I did!  And, oh boy, were these the cutest babies ever!  There were four seven week old Great Pyrenees pups and the cutest littlte fur balls I've ever seen!  Unfortunately they were full of round worms so had to be isolated to the basement so as not to contaminate any of our resident dogs.

They behaved very well for such young pups just weaned from their mother.  They had a hefty appetite and a ton of energy.  After keeping them for a day and night, this afternoon we dropped them off with IGPR, who will treat their condition and then find them good foster homes until they can go to their forever home.  I know one night is not a lot, but I was happy to help out as much as I could.  We got Buddy (aka Giant Dawg) from IGPR and love what they do for the Pyr breed.

I had so much fun playing with these little fur balls!  Jason and I always pull in full grown rescues (puppies are a lot of work!) and so it's not often we get the opportunity to work with puppies.  And with that, I leave you with a couple of photos that will make you swoon!

Pyr Pup

Pyr Pup II

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Very Doggie Christmas - 21/52

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas - I know we did!  It was nice to have a couple of days free from work and to get to spend those days with friends and family.  We had several Christmas parties that we attended and every one was a great time.

The big family Christmas is always on Christmas Eve.  Portia was able to go to that with us and then come home with us for the night and spend most of Christmas Day with us - most of which was spent hopping from various grandparent's houses. Since we weren't home Christmas Eve until 1:00 am and Christmas Day was very busy we ended up letting Portia open her gifts at 2:00 am and not getting to bed until around 4:00am on Christmas Day and then sleeping until almost noon and then high-tailing it out and about.

And we can't forget the pups at Christmas!  They always get a gift each and know that anything wrapped in tissue paper is for them.  This year they all got stuffless critters with squeakers in them. I say "they" but Lois Lane is usually the only one that plays with them - and she loves them!  Hardy made it to another Christmas with us as well, which we are thrilled about.  He turned 17 on Christmas Day and this was his 16th Christmas with us.  I have photos of them with their gifts below. All family photos can be found in my FB Christmas 2010 album.

Giant Dawg waiting patiently for Portia to open her presents. This is only his 2nd Christmas with us so he doesn't get quite as excited as the others do.Giant Dawg

Hardy opening his present (sorry for the poor quality - it was late):
Hardy's 16th Christmas with Us

Blue checking out his new fox:
 Blue Boy is Happy

Lois Lane didn't want to share her Christmas Badger, which ensued in a game of full out tug-of-war, her favorite:

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Duck Drama - 20/52

Who would have thought 5 Muscovy ducks could cause so much drama!  A few days ago, Lil' Girl, my favorite female of the bunch, up and flew away.  I got up that morning, opened up the back blinds of the window that overlooks the pond, and all of the ducks were flying around.  Four of them came right back.  Lil' Girl had something else on her agenda.  I keep hoping she'll reappear, but so far no luck.

Then, this morning, Jason looked out the same window and saw the same thing - all ducks in flight.  This time, however, two of them came back and temporarily roosted on the roof of the house.  This is Mama duck and one of the babies (all grown up now).  Daddy Duck and the other male baby still haven't come back.

Roof Roosting

I walked down to the pond to refresh their food and to make sure the heater was keeping an area unfrozen so they can drink, and I noticed footprints in the snow that sits on top of the frozen pond.  The tracks indicate a smallish animal with padded feet was on the ice.  I'm thinking it was likely a fox or a small coyote.  And I'm also thinking that is what spooked all the ducks into flying off.  What I don't know is if Mr. Predator managed to nab him a duck dinner before all was said and done.  I'm hoping not, but there's really no way to know.  The paw prints going towards the duck's watering hole is not a good sign though. I guess at this point we just watch and see what happens. Hopefully we manage to get the two that came back to stick around. There really isn't much we can do aside from provide them with food, water and shelter, which they already have full access to.  If the two that came back are smart they will sleep on the roof until the pond thaws and they can use their floating duck dock again (now embedded in a slab of ice).


This is Lil' Girl...still hoping she reappears. Lil' Girl

Edit:  Daddy Duck came home at dusk tonight!  :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Blue Humbug

Blue wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas.  Ok, he just wants the hat's the thought that counts.  ;)

Blue Humbug

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Birdies - 19/52

Now that snow is covering the ground the bird feeders in the yard have become very popular.  At one point we had about 30 mourning doves on the ground picking up the seeds that the cardinals, blue jays, chickadees and titmouse scattered off of the feeder.

Dove Buffet:

Dove Buffet

Pretty boy:

Handsome Boy