Friday, July 30, 2010


Finally - we're starting to settle into the new house.  We finished up work on the old house this week and the renters move in on Monday.  I'll be so glad not to see that place for a while.  The dog fence posts are being installed today and will continue on Monday and possibly Tuesday. Hopefully by end of day Tuesday we will have a completed fence for these dogs.  They need their running room and ability to free roam!  They are getting a little more than an acre all to themselves with plenty of trees and open areas.  They are going to love it!

We managed to capture Big Worm about a week after we actually moved.  He's elusive and we had to go to the house at 10:30 one night in order to get him. By that time he was pretty hungry so I was able to coax him into eating some canned food inside his carrier.  He was pretty leery but hunger won out and I was able to shove him in the cat carrier and close the door before he was able to remove one of my appendages.  He was not happy at all.  Once we got him to the new house, after much ruckus and mewling in the truck, we let him out of the carrier and he took off.  We didn't see him for three days.  Finally I found his hiding spot under the back porch.  Jason fed him some tuna laced with dewormer and we Frontlined him for fleas and since then he's been hanging with us on the porch in the evenings.  As you can see, he was not a happy camper at first, but he's coming around.

Big Worm Emerges

We're loving all the wildlife that we've been seeing.  We have a resident pair of humming birds that we see on a daily basis.  Lots of rabbits, frogs and dragonflies.  Unfortunately also a lot of houseflies that are driving us nuts.  We've seen a few deer and woke up one morning to 3 wild turkey strutting around the yard.  Now that things have settled down I'll be trying to get some photos of some of the creatures we see.  Here is a Waved Sphinx Moth that spent an entire night and day on our screen door.

Waved Sphinx Moth

Hopefully I'll get back to my regular postings again and I plan to start Project 52 up soon as well.  Happy Friday!  

Monday, July 19, 2010

We Made It!

It's been an eventful weekend ( well the whole past month has been ), but we're finally here!  With the gracious help of lots of friends we made quick work of the move.  We only had two furniture casualties - one bookshelf lost to I-71 and one end table glass insert got shattered - all in all, not to shabby!

I've gotten all the major unpacking done - all that is left is little stuff that I don't really know what to do with yet and my entire craft room, which will likely be a winter project.  The office is still partially in a shambles, but we're up and running, which is the important part.

The dogs are loving the new place already, even though they can't free roam the yard yet.  We're getting a fence estimate this week to at least get an area for the four beasts to romp in until we get around to fencing the majority of the 11 acres.  For now we have two 20 foot screw in the ground leads for Buddy and Hardy.  Blue and Lois stick close so we don't worry about them so much.  Here's Buddy lounging at the end of his lead:

Giant Dawg Chillaxin'

Buddy in his new front yard

Lots more photos will be coming as soon as I get all settled and have time and energy to get outside.  And inside photos are coming as soon as the place no longer looks like it was run over by a Tasmanian devil.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Almost Home Sweet Home!

A week from tomorrow this will officially be Home Sweet Home!
( Photos by K. Kemble )




All photos are here.

We're pretty much all packed and ready to go.  The only things left unpacked are things still in use.  We were able to go ahead and take several loads over to the new house and store them in the large shed until moving day.  The sellers have to be out by 10pm next Friday, but we're hoping they are out before then. It all depends on how long it takes them to get moved into their new house.  We're just anxious to get settled and hoping for a few extra days to get the old house in better shape for renting without being rushed during moving weekend.

Once we get moved and settled a bit I'll post updated photos with our furnishings and arrangements.  It's going to be a busy week but I took a week off to get all unpacked and settled in the new place.  Internet may also be hit or miss during that time, depending on how long it takes to get the new connections set up at the new house.

Lots more photos coming soon!  Hopefully lots of wildlife too.  With 11 acres I'm bound to get lots of deer, turkey and bird photos in the near future!  :)