Friday, June 28, 2013

Sunset Prettiness

A very pretty sunset from our friend's porch - the trees don't block their view like it does ours!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Kitchen Gadget

Today we got our first food processor!  So of course, we had to try it out with a recipe that chops and slices lots of stuff.  ;)  We made a zucchini pizza bake with chopped onion, peppers and shredded zucchini. We haven't baked it yet so I can't tell you how good it is, but it sure looks and smells de-lish!  Get the recipe if you want to try it out! EDIT: It was DELICIOUS and will be a summertime staple!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Milk Jugs are Fun

L.B. has taken a liking to flinging empty milk jugs around the porch.

First Tomato!

Our first tomato of the season came out of the garden yesterday! Looks yummy!  We are hoping the tomatoes do better this year than they did in years past. So far they are looking good!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Measuring / cutting pads make good pillows

Buddy always joins me in the loft while I work on craft projects. Tonight he decided the measuring /cutting mat would make a nice, cool pillow.  As hot as it is up there in the summer I'm surprised he comes up at all, but he does tend to follow me around wherever I go.  He may like it if I decide to relocate. :)

SOLD! - House for Sale in Crestwood, Ky - Oldham County

After only eight days on the market we accepted an offer and the sale is pending.  Woot!

We are selling our house in Crestwood, Ky so I thought I'd list the info here as well - you never know who might stumble on it!  :)  View all details below the photos.

Photos courtesty of John Adkins Photography

3 BDR, 2.5 BTH Home w/ Large Fenced Yard in Cul-de-Sac -Crestwood, Ky (Oldham County)


Contact Linda Jackson, Listing Agent for more information or to schedule a walk-through. (502) 655-1256 cell phone - (502) 716-7290 office -

Located in the Orchard Grass Hills neighborhood in Crestwood (Oldham County), this house was built in 1977 and sits on a quarter of an acre lot. The house is empty and ready for immediate move in.

  • Approximately 2693 square feet (1708 on main and upper level, 985 in the mostly finished basement)

  • Oldham County Schools (Kenwood Elementary, South Oldham Middle School, South Oldham High School)

  • 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths on upper level - livingroom, dining room, kitchen, den and 1/2 bath on main level - rec room, laundry room, large room and small room in basement

  • Mostly finished basement

  • 2 car garage

  • Located in quiet cul-de-sac

  • New triple pane windows with 25 year transferable warranty

  • Laminate flooring throughout

  • Kitchen appliances remain (Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Stove/Oven)

  • A/C unit (4 years old)

  • Garage door openers (3 years old)

  • Breaker box wired for generator
  • Back yard backs up to beautiful woods

  • Storage shed in back yard

  • Large chain link fenced yard

  • Large covered back deck

  • Just 4 miles to Springhurst / Summit shopping and dining areas in Louisville

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Painting Lattice is Not on My Favorite Things To Do List

Last year we extended our back deck and to keep in sync with the rest of the porch we continued with the lattice for the sides.  It looks good, but boy is  it a pain to paint!  And we haven't even gotten around to doing the outside yet.  We can't really spray it since we are staining the floor boards and don't want the overspray dotting up the deck boards.  Summer project, for sure!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Storm Rolling Through

This is what the view from the loft looked like this afternoon as a storm quickly passed through.  It wasn't quite as dark as the photo depicts, but it's not far off!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

One Hen is Being a Trickster

We must have a hen that didn't lay last year starting to lay this year. Either that, or we just have a very lazy hen!
Actually, according to
Tiny, yolkless eggs are sometimes known as witch eggs or fairy eggs. Occasionally a hen will lay a fairy egg when something has disturbed her reproductive cycle. Sometimes a hen will lay a fairy egg or two just as she comes into laying, before her reproductive system has gotten into gear. They are sometimes lighter or darker than her regular eggs because they may spend more or less time in the "egg painting" area of her system, the shell gland. It is normally nothing to be concerned about. It simply means she didn't release a yolk before her body started producing an egg to enclose it. 

Garden Veggie Mania Begins

The garden is already starting to explode! This is yesterday's crop of zucchini and green bell peppers.  Soon we'll also have a variety of onions, eggplant, tomatoes and all kinds of other peppers and green beans.  Yummy!   I bought four of these awesome, large wire fruit baskets for all our garden goodies!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Clean Laundry = Freshly Fluffed Dog Bed

This basket of clothes has been sitting here for three days because every time I sit on the couch to fold them, L.B. jumps in, fluffs up the clothes and takes a little nap.  I just don't have the heart to move him.  I'll have to fold while he's playing outside!


Wiston was snuggling on the couch with me.  Too bad it was dark and you can't see his cheesy grin all that well.

Craft Room Relocation Project

I'm in the process of deciding if I want to relocate my craft room from the loft upstairs, where it becomes a sauna in the summer, to the old office basement room downstairs.  There are pros and cons to each, but I'm thinking at this point the move is winning the pros section.

Loft: I currently have 4 workstation tables with peg-board attached over each (all movable). Not a lot of floor space left and zero vertical storage due to ceiling height. Nice and open, love the wood walls/ceiling but, sometimes leaks a little over one workstation with heavy snow (until we get it fixed).

1. View from landing at the top of the steps; that is my little window covered by the blinds straight ahead (also where the evening sun sets).

2. Photo station and scrapbooking station with storage in between and under.

3. Paint station and wood burning station with storage between and under (tv/computer/stand is behind/left of me).

4. View from in front of the window. There is one step down to the landing and this overlooks the livingroom/dining room/kitchen. The box fan is currently there to pull cool air into the loft, which actually works fairly good if I remember to turn it on about an hour before I need to go up there.


Basement Room: This is currently Jason's gaming room (former office) that we are moving into his other "play" room with his electronic projects, drums, guitars, etc. It is about the same length as the loft, but almost double the width and with (mostly) 8ft ceilings except where the duct work runs. Little bitty colorful ceiling fan was here when we moved in but actually works pretty well. All this "stuff" will be moved into his new room. The paint in there actually isn't too bad, just boring - the carpet is hideous but that's for another year.

1.View from the doorway looking in.

2. Closet with upper shelf runs the entire length of the wall (why there is only one tiny door to access it all is beyond me). Filing cabinet will stay in there as it's just too heavy to move and we don't have much space left in the office for it - but the bottom drawer is empty and can be used for extra storage.

3. View from the far corner of the room beside the closet. The doorway opens up into the downstairs kitchen. (Another pro I thought of while taking photos - a sink right outside the door. And a bathroom just down the hall from that.)

4. View from in front of the closet.


If I decide on the move, there will be updates of the newly decorated / organized craft area!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Got Zucchini?

We planted a large garden this year and the zucchini plants are already blowing up. We've already sampled a few - mmm, mmm good!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Wiston - This Week's House Guest

Wiston is staying with us this week while his hoo-man family vacations at the beach.  He's such a good boy and so soft!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fur Buddies

This was mostly to test out my new blog layout to make sure the photos were displaying properly on the home page.  It works! And it's my boys, so double win!  :)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Out With the Old, In With the New!

I've been wanting an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite ever since they first came out. Having the first generation Kindle that worked perfectly fine prevented me from purchasing a newer one.  However, once we realized my daughter was reading a lot and borrowing someone's Kindle to do so, it was the perfect time for an upgrade for me! I received the Kindle yesterday and I am already in love with it.  The touch screen is a nice upgrade and the back-lighting that is easy on the eyes is an even bigger plus.  I think I will always, always have a Kindle!  Now time to add to my book list...

Monday, June 3, 2013

It's Greenie Day!

Every Sunday around here is deemed "Greenie Sunday" since that is the one day a week the dogs get a special treat of a Greenie chew. Obviously they love it and get very excited.  Giant Dawg already had his out half way in the yard to ensure the littles didn't steal his Sunday treat away.

Elephant Zentangle

I made this Elephant Zentangle for my daughter for her baby shower and to hang in her jungle themed nursery.  She loved it and I enjoyed making it for her. I plan to make more for her on birthdays and other special occasions so she can have a collage as an end result. Might try a hippo next!  :)

To learn more about Zentangle and Zentangle patterns, check out and Tangle Patterns.  Or check out some really cool Zentangle galleries from Flickr’s Zentangle Mania Group.  And you can find my personal Zentangle creations on my Zentangle Flickr Set.