Monday, April 19, 2010

Project 365 Flunky

So I was doing good, moving right along with my photo a day for a year project, when all of a sudden
Day 104 hit.  I don't really know what happened.  My habit of getting that photo just totally slipped my mind.  I did this once before and just carried on with 2 photos the next day and intended to do the same thing again.  Then Day 105 arrived.  And I did the exact. same. thing. I forgot again. So at two days in a row I deemed myself a flunky and removed myself from the project.  And, in fact, I haven't even touched my camera since Day 103.  But a San Francisco trip is coming up so I'll be flooding this place with travel photos.

It's probably all good and well anyway.  We're in the process of trying to get our house in selling order and I could really use any spare time at all to start decluttering, painting and helping Jason with minor repairs around the house.  We were getting discouraged with all the crap land that we were viewing and on a whim we did some looking around the county area we currently live in, which we expected to be way too expensive to get any amount of land with a nice house to our liking on it.  As it turns out we can afford a nice 5 acre piece of property here with a nice house already built on it. Who knew?  So we've changed our focus to house and land hunting rather than land hunting with the intention of building a few years down the road.  The sooner the better.  I want peace and quiet in my backyard and living in a court in a neighborhood jam packed full of kids, that's just never going to happen.  Too bad when Portia was growing up there wasn't a single kid to be found near us.  Go figure.

Anyway, no photos for this post, but there will be some coming soon!  And a house up for sale!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April Sunrise - 103/365

Project 365: 103/365

April Sunrise

Have I ever mentioned how much I love a spring, Kentucky sunrise?  As much as I'm not a morning person, I'm glad that I get to capture these beautiful skies on my way to work each morning.  It puts me in a great mood for the day!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Dogs and Frogs - Take 2

Project 365: 102/365

Bobbing II - 102/365

I was able to get a better photos of the bullfrogs tonight by sneaking up behind them.  This is a different one than the frog I snagged a photo of yesterday.  They are elusive little guys this time of year, but they are starting to get braver. Though I don't know if this one even knew I was there.

We added 6 more small Koi to the pond today - hopefully they don't become dinner for these guys.

And Blue was posing pretty on the deck steps so I had to snag a photo of my boy!

Pretty Boy Blue

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dogs and Frogs

Project 365: 101/365

On Guard - 101/365

Buddy likes to patrol his yard every few hours to make sure everything is right in his world. Today as I was trying to get bullfrog photos (see below) I looked up at him standing up on the hill and checking on the yard.  He's beginning to get hot already with all that fur.  I brushed a large flower pot worth of fur out of him today with the FURminator (best dog brush ever!) and he's bound to feel a tad bit better.  Soon he'll get his summer Pyr cut to help keep him cool, even though he spends most of his day loafing on the couch.



This is one of the many bullfrogs that inhabit our Koi and goldfish pond.  They are still pretty skittish right now, but as summer approaches and they get used to us being around the pond they get braver.  He ducked under the water as soon as I got one shot of him.

The Spitter

Project 365: 100/365

The Spitter - 100/365

We've been working on the backyard pond all weekend.  It was a disaster after the winter and we re-landscaped the entire perimeter and built up the back wall a bit more.  Now it's looking good - just gotta wait for some of the plants to bloom!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Big Worm

Project 365: 99/365

Big Worm - 99/365

Big Worm lives on our front porch.  He's been around for about 9 years now and first showed up as a skinny, worm infested stray.  He doesn't have very good any people skills and it's rare for me to get a decent shot of him.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tulips & Painting Helpers

Project 365: 95/365
First Tulip - 95/365

We have our first tulip bloom in the back yard flower bed!  It's so pretty and vibrant.  I'm sure the rest will soon follow.  We also have yellow and white tulips that bloom for their short stint, not to be seen again until next spring.

Project 365: 94/365

Painter Helper - 94/365

I painted the stairway and upstairs hallway over the weekend since it's never been painted in the 10 years we've lived in this house.  Nothing extravagant, just painted from a dingy grey to a light beige to be neutral and help lighten up the dark stairway and hallway.  Lois Lane decided she was going to help, but alas, she removed more paint with her side and tail than she helped with.

Easter weekend was absolutely beautiful and aside from painting most of our time was spent outside.  We worked on the pond a bit, had a cookout Friday night and totally vegged out on Sunday just enjoying the beautiful weather.  This is my type of weather!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Rudy - A Pet Portrait

Project 365: 92/365

Rudy - 92/365

This is my beloved Rudy who passed away a few years ago of canine lymphoma.  He was the best dog!  He was almost  a year old when we adopted him from the Animal Care Society,  a local no-kill shelter, and we think he was likely a lab/chow mix.  We adopted him so Hardy would have a buddy to play with while we were gone at work. They were like two peas in a pod and got along great.  Rudy would follow Hardy anywhere and Hardy quickly taught him the ropes.  The biggest problem we had with Rudy at first was his separation anxiety.  He generally was crated when we were away as he became quite destructive if left to roam the house.  We once came back from Thanksgiving dinner to find the innards of our couch all over the living room.  He did that to two couches, actually.  But we still loved him anyway.  :*)

Here is the original photo:

Jenn of The Artist's Eyes creates these awesome ECO friendly pet portraits and they are, obviously, stunning!  Check her out!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Molly & Lois Lane (90 & 91/365)

Project 365: 91/365: Molly

Molly - 91/365

This is Molly.  She is the dog-child of our good friends Charlie & Christina.  We went to their house tonight for dinner and watched Survivor, one of the shows we all enjoy and discuss weekly!  Molly is a sweet Australian Cattle Dog mix.  She's beautiful!

Project 365: 90/365: Lois Lane

Lois Lane - 90/365

Yesterday I really slacked on my photo of the day.  I just so happened to have gotten a Blackberry cell phone shot of Lois Lane that morning when she was all snuggled up in the covers while I was getting ready for work.  Such a sweet girl!