Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mouse Times Three!

After talking to rodent friends who have successfully kept wild mice (thanks Kate, Linda & Cal!), I took their advice and got Pip two roomies. They are probably a little older than is ideal, but it was my only choice. I did choose the smallest two of the group of five. They don't have names yet, but I'm pondering on Hazel and Moo.

Pip is still holed up in his corner and the girls are showing some interest in him but not antagonizing him. Though the larger of the two girls keeps trying to bury him in the bedding. Razz He doesn't seem too freaked out by them. They both seem perfectly content and have been exploring and wheel running for the better part of an hour. I have them in a 20 gallon aquarium for the time being. Once Pip is big enough I plan to get a cage topper for the tank as an expansion. And the cool thing is they are on a table right by my desk in the office so I see them all the time! Mr. Green

I took a few photos - didn't want to freak anyone out too bad. Stay tuned for more mousie adventures!

Girly Mouse 2

Girly Mouse 1

Pip in Hiding
Pip in Hiding


  1. Hmm since I know a "Moo" online, and its not a nice association, I'm against that name :P But Hazel is sweet!

    Mice are soooo cute!! Too finicky for me, but soooo cute!!

  2. Yeah, the are quite finicky and certainly not my first choice in rodent pets - but I just couldn't let little Pip remain alone! :)