Thursday, June 3, 2010

Roasting and Anxious (Video)

The title says it all.  As I sit here on break at work at 3:00 it is 85 degrees inside with no air movement at all.  The cooling tower fan motor failed at work thus no A/ all.  They have turned off all the first floor main lights in hopes of cooling it down, but it's not helping.  And it's really beginning to stink like B.O. in here.  *gurk*  And it will continue through tomorrow.  At least I leave at 4:30 today and tomorrow is only a half day plus they are allowing us to wear shorts - that should help a little.  It's still miserable though. *sweating*

What's even more miserable is our status on buying the new house.  The appraisal came back significantly lower than the asking price and we're not sure the sellers are willing to sell for the appraised amount.  We're back into negotiations now and I'm very anxiously awaiting the outcome.  I really, really hope they pull through and take our offer.  If not we'll have to let it go.  We just can't purchase it more than it appraises for - it just doesn't make sense.  If it doesn't work out there are others out there, I was just really hopeful for this one.  *sigh*  Guess we'll find out soon enough.

And on a happier note, I was playing with the video feature on the android and snagged a small segment of "Giant Dawg" Buddy Vs Lois "Pain" Lane duking it out on the back porch.  Silly pups!

Link in case video won't play:

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  1. now that property prices are coming down. I bet they will budge and at least meet you somewhere in the middle. They have to realize that unless they find a buyer with a big pile of cash, NO ONE will be able to buy their place unless they lower the price to what the bank will finance.  Who the heck has a pile of cash just sitting around? My cabin was appraised at only 500 less than the number we had agreed on, so it was not a problem to lower it. Good luck!