Wednesday, October 23, 2013

2004 Jayco Eagle Travel Trailer

I finally got around to getting photos of the new travel trailer!  It's a 2004 27 foot Jayco Eagle with a Super Slide.

Here is the front - you can see there are two doors - the main one in the back that walks into the living rom and another one in the bedroom.

Front w/ Awning Retracted

This is the back side that shows the slideout where the couch, dinette and closet resides.

Back with Slideout

This is the view from the main door stepping into the living area.

From Main Door

This is the living area.  The couch folds down into a double bed and the dinette set converts to another double bed. Behind the dinette is a large storage closet with room to hang clothes and 6 drawers at the bottom.

Living/Dining Area

The kitchen has a refrigerator, microwave and stovetop.  There is no oven in this one, but we have a toaster oven that we prefer to use anyway since it can be used outside and won't heat up the inside of the camper and will use electric instead of propane.  The fridge can run of of electric or propane as well.  All cabinetry is solid oak.

Kitchen w/ Fridge, Stove & Microwave

This is the view looking back towards the living area from the bedroom doorway. I love the picture window in the back!  All windows have pull down day and night shades.

Kitchen, Dining &Liiving Area

This is the bedroom with a Queen size pillow-top bed.  To the right is the other entrance door and to the left is another window and a fold down shelf.

Bedroom w/ Queen Pillowtop

The bathroom has a sink, toilet and a bath/shower.


Full Shower

And finally, this is the view from the couch of the entertainment area.  We need a TV with a HD tuner in it, but no rush on that as I don't think we'll really use the TV much anyway - we didn't in the past, but it's nice to have for a rainy day to watch movies.

Entertainment Area

 Hope you enjoyed our little tour of The Eagle!  We have an upcoming camping trip planned so more RV posts to come!  Sadly it's already getting really, really cold here in Kentucky so we may only make it out once before having to winterize, but we will play it by ear.


  1. This is totally my current dream, to live a truly minimalist lifestyle that is still aesthetically pleasing and convenient. My two concerns about actually doing such a thing are 1) we have fall and winter where I live, and 2) I have 2 dogs, can you even leave dogs all day in a trailer? I mean, I leave them all day in a condo, and they're not really barkers, so maybe it's the same ('cept my condo is insulated and warm). Anyone have experience with living in a trailer with dogs, and working outside the 'house'?

  2. We have kicked around the idea of also full-timing...or at least part-timing. I think for us we would head to the warmer climates during the winter here and stay around here during the summer when it's get's too hot. We both work almost 100% online and from home so that's a possibility for us. Our concern is the dogs being left if we ever wanted to go "out" and do something where they are not allowed. A lot of people do leave them in the camper and if they are well behaved and not barkers, I don't have a problem with that, as long as the temperatures aren't too excessive. RV park electricity can't be relied on at all and too long in a hot camper can have the same results of being left in a closed up's a scary thought. So our plans will definitely revolve around weather for the safety of our three pups.