Saturday, October 25, 2008

Meet Poe

This is Poe. He sits beside me on my desk and keeps me company on the evenings and weekends while I work. He's my left-hand man, my stress relief, and sometimes my distraction. He's much happier now that he's out of his 1 cup of water from the pet store and into a gallon and a half bowl. He's a handsome fella.


  1. Aw and I take it he has a heater too? :D

    I have a Betta and a Bristlenose Pleco living together :)

    How on earth did you get such a fantastic photo - I can NEVER get a decent photo of my guy :(

  2. Luck and patience. He's not very cooperative!

  3. Ooo he's bea-yoo-tee-full.