Sunday, October 5, 2008

Shot Me an 8-Point Buck!

Shot with my Nikon, that is. ;) You all know I could never kill an animal! This guy was a beauty. We were hanging with some friends and he walked through with four of his lady friends. He was kind enough to stop and pose for a few minutes before resuming his evening stroll. (Please ignore the graininess of this photo - it was getting dark and this was the best I could do!)

Beautiful Buck (I) 

 Buck (II)


  1. The grain works for this image so dont apologise for that!

    And I have to say, I got a shock from the title haha! Though I knew you wouldnt actually shoot an animal :)

  2. Your photo turned out really well! I was really surprised how close you all got without scaring him off. The deers out here in the country are a little more skiddish...