Thursday, January 7, 2010

Portrait of a Pyr (Project 365: 7/365)

Portrait of a Pyr

Buddy was out playing in the snow today and I snagged this profile shot of him.  I had a texture that I knew would go perfectly to make a portrait and it turned out just as I'd hoped.  I love my Giant Dawg!  And boy does he love the snow.

In other news, Blue is getting worse. :( He went back to the vet today and they determined that it is not a pulled muscle, but a spine problem.  We're not sure if it stems from his previous back injury or if it's something else.  The vet put him on a steroid medication and we're praying that helps.  If not, surgery is the only option and I don't know that we should (or could) put him through another major back surgery.  He'll be 9 next month and had a 6 week recovery of the previous surgery and even then he's never been quite the same, not near as active.  So we just hope that the medication and cage rest work for him.  *fingers crossed*


  1. Great photo of your giant dawg!

    Feel better, Blue!

  2. Wow Chirsty, this is a fantastic pet portrait!

  3. Thanks! I was very please with how it turned out.