Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Madness (Project 365: 49/365)

The Madness - 49/365

I know this is a lame project photo, but thought it would be interesting to share the madness we go through (and our pet sitter will be dealing with - God love them) daily with our dogs. We went from zero dogs on meds to 3 dogs on meds, possibly for life, in a matter of 4 months, all for different things. Tell me how this happens?

I would have attempted a better photo, however, it struck me kinda crazy what we do for our pets.  But I wouldn't change a thing if it meant losing any of them!  They are all worth it.  :)

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  1. That is crazy...but we all know love is unconditional and they are lucky to have such a loving family =)