Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sugar Gliders! (77/365)

Today my friend Brittany stopped by and brought along three of her four sugar gliders!  Jason and I have been wanting to see them and she was in the neighborhood so came by for a visit.  They are soo cute!  Sugar gliders are small, gliding marsupials native to Australia and New Guinea.  They have little arm flaps that allow them to glide through the air, sorta like a flying squirrel.  Just because they are cute doesn't mean they are for everyone though.  For a full run-down on sugar gliders as pets, be sure to read Brittany's blog post of all the ins and outs of sugar glider care.   Jenn stopped in to meet the little guys too - I think she liked them!

Sugar Glider I - 77/365

Sugar Glider II

Sugar Glider III

Sugar Glider IV

Jenn's Buddy

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  1. Christy, these photos are fantastic! I had a great time visiting today, and I'm so glad you guys liked the sugar gliders. Next time you guys are free, I'll stop by and bring mealies so you can see them in action. :)